So many people have believed in me on this journey to make Brother Sundance a reality. They've sacrificed for me, they've put their faith and trust in me. I can think back to so many moments where someone has really stuck their neck out in support of this project, really gone out on a limb to do what they could to help. Without those moments, I wouldn't be here today. I'll never pretend Brother Sundance built alone in a vacuum. It was the product of an incredible team of early believers and big thinkers. Everything that happens from here on out is owed to them. So, a quick thank you to everyone who has helped make Brother Sundance what is today:


Stephen Uknis

Jeff Hanson

Mark Fischer

Rick Schmidt

Jordan Burger

Marc Stollman

Anna & Justin Talerico

Kent Marcus

Trevor Fletcher

Marc Lee

Linda Lopez

Todd McCarty

Matthew Schnieder

Abbey Loren

Max Landis

Sage Duvall

Kristina Palacios

Joe & Elaine Talerico

Pat, Sam & Todd Kinnaird

Deborah & Barry Hardwick